Zipper (1975)

Screw the American Idol aesthetic, Fred Cole’s ragged pipes are among the world’s most heavenly despite what many naysayers have to say (the same people probably hate Ron House and Jad Fair too). Cole’s current trio Dead Moon continue to thunder around since the 80’s, and while they got left behind in the big green Northwest Grunge cash-in, you would no doubt have seen Mark Arm, Kurt Cobain, and Eddie Vedder all worshipping at Big Fred’s altar at various DM gigs. The recent Dead Moon biopic is truly inspiring, not just for the fact they are rockin’ grandparents still doing it, but for their conviction to the whole DIY-ethic, building their own house, studio, guitars, and even vinyl-press while fearlessly rocking the world as only they know how. Before Dead Moon, Cole was in the Rats, and before that (but after his very Arthur Lee-inspired group the Lollipop Shoppe) came the band Zipper, circa 1975 but recently in WFMU’s new bin. Needless to say, those with low tolerance for total dude rockist lyrics won’t be amused (some of this stuff would make Jim Dandy do a double-take maybe), but this is righteous rock to the max, full of chunky, proto-punk riffery and blowout solos that never stray too far from a punk aesthetic despite the cock-rockery leanings. (via WFMU.org)

Fred Cole’s mid-70s album is as uncompromising as anything he’s done. His vocal style is especially strident on these hard rock songs, which don’t have the garage-style feel of Dead Moon or the occasional subtleties of Lollipop Shoppe. The first song is a bunch of raunchy double-entendres. Pretty twisted. There’s a kind of saminess as this album moves along, probably due to uninspired songwriting. Still, this is worth hearing. It’s unique and wild. The cover is handmade to the extreme. (via AcidArchives)

Sole album from US heavy rockers zipper dating from 1975. Featuring Fred Cole (ex-Lollipop Shoppe, Weeds) on vocals, this is a hard rockin' album similar in style to Grand Funk with some great guitar runs and pumpin' rhythm section. The album originally came packaged in two stickers held together with gaffer tape! (via FreakEmporium) (BUY IT!)


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Zipper - Let It Freeze


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Anonymous said...

Great album, Has a Sir lord feel to it in its loose party music air guitar with a tennis racket type stuff, sing with your beer in hand.