Southern Cross (Australia 1976)

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A heavy rock band formed by ex-Buffalo members Alan Milano and John Baxter. Milano was co-vocalist on Dead Forever while John Baxter was responsible for Buffalo's heavy rock sound. By the time this recording came about Baxter had left to be replaced by Bruce Cumming. (via midoztouch)

After Buffalo some members went on to other projects. Peter Wells formed Rose Tattoo & had a distinguished solo career. Dave Tice went to the UK to join the Count Bishops & around 1981 returned to Australia to continue touring & recording as a solo artist & as a member of the Headhunters. He is currently playing in the Dave Tice Band & with ex AC/DC bassist Mark Evans as Tice & Evans. (see http://www.davetice.com) John (Jack The Riffer) Baxter played with Boy Racer & Southern Cross. Some material is believed to have been recorded but has never seen a release. Alan Milano was also a member of Southern Cross after leaving Buffalo after Dead Forever... (Wikipedia)

From 1970-76, Buffalo were undoubtedly one of Australia’s greatest ever high-energy, rock and roll bands. They were a great example of four musicians whose combined musical chemistry created devastating results. Their original albums (on the great Vertigo label) sell for massive amounts of money on eBay. Decent condition copies are practically hard to come by, as most of Buffalo’s original 1970’s fanbase were drugged/drunken freaks who trashed those albums at their hippy parties.

After the band broke up Pete Wells put together Rose Tattoo, Dave Tice based himself in England where he joined great R and B/pub rock combo The Count Bishops. John Baxter joined Southern Cross before forming the power trio Boy Racer, whose un-released studio recordings are brilliant and (if any justice is in the world) should have a release soon. Drummer Jimmy Economou moved to Adelaide and still plays occasionally. (via i94bar.com)


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