Abramis Brama - Nothing Changes (Sweden 2003)

Giving flesh and bone to an idea that has been lingering on for some years now, the Swedes Abramis Brama epitomize their two studio records into a representative collection, sung in english! So, “Nothing Changes” it is and contains nine tracks of dynamic seventies hard rock, in the stockholmian’s band unique sonic style.

Their music is the ideal cross between Black Sabbath, November, Cream and Captain Beyond and this is something that shines on into their variable musical colors. The english, thus understandable to everyone, lyrics do their miracle for all the by now infidels and the four piece group plays in daemonic shape, redefining hymns like “Know You’re Lying”, “Anticlockwise Man and “All is Black”. As usual in all such cases, it’s the rhythm section that makes the difference: the drum god Fredrik Jansson and fishing bass man Dennis Berg not just build an unpenetrable wall of sound, but also cherish the music with a sense of irresistible charm. Especially Jansson is a brutal beast, which from time to time bursts into percussive outbreaks that even a Keith Moon or Jason Bonham would be envious of. The undying riffs of Per Olof Andersson, time withstanding and evergreen, impose a dinosaur-walking or mammoth-moving edge to the band’s style, but then you have the passionate vocals of Ulf “blonde Viking” Torkelsson, Robert Plant’s and Jack Bruce’s seed, that brighten the doom up.

Of course, Abramis Brama will continue singing in Swedish and they already got their third full length album done, called “Rubicon”. This collection, basically an idea of the band’s label, Sweden Rock, formerly known as Record Heaven, works as a guide to the bands historic past as well as a torch for those who felt lost among the swedish lines. We deal with a gem of the international underground which, in my opinion, shouldn’t be missing from the collection of any serious all time hard rock fan. (via Metal Hammer) (BUY IT!)


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Abramis Brama - Know You're Lying


kingpossum said...

Bless you crotchbat for airing the mighty Abramis Brama! These tunes in English are great, though my ear prefers their heavy sound delivered in their native Swedish.

Any fan of heavy rock MUST purchase their recent live album (aptly titled Live!). It's a monster document of this killer band.



Anonymous said...

GAWDDAMN!!!! Many thanx for postin' this gem!!

One of the finest rock bands of the new millenium.

Cheers on a steller blog :-)