Bear Mountain Band - One More Day (1971)

Extremely rare, trashy Arizona booze soaked psych rock LP with some blistering guitar and outlaw atmosphere.

Local mountain air rocker with psychy westcoast flashes on the excellent title track and elsewhere. Shifts between wellwritten, more melodic numbers and a rootsier rural rock vibe, with a couple of extended jams showing good playing and a nice atmosphere all around. One of the better in the hippie/barrock crossover zone - superior to Travelers Aid to these ears. Not everyone is impressed with this album, though.

Trashy 70s not-quite-hard-rock private press with an appealingly stupid sleazy vibe (one song is called "Crotch Crickets," another "tihsllub"). Excellent opening song has a nice flowing dreamy feel to it, but the promise of the album ends there abruptly, as the rest is pedestrian and dull. One can picture these guys going over pretty well at a biker rally or in a truckers' bar, but there's a difference between sleaze and real menace, and this lacks the dangerous edge of, say, the Burnt River Band. (via AcidArchives)


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Bear Mountain Band - Crotch Crickets


Anonymous said...

This is good,i never see bevor

gorehound13 said...

thanks a lot for sharing music with the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crotchbat for this really obscure band. Never heard of it before. I just took the chance to listen to it. It's good. A song like 'Crotch Crickets' I like.

Dobos420 said...

I think I grew up with this Band in Prescott,AZ. at one point my Brother-in-law Bill Keisler played Bass for them. on organ was Cam Empums ( not sure of the spelling ), Bill Richardson on Guitar, Frank Ford on Drums.I use to listen to them Jam most every night. and was a roadie for them one Summer.

Alex B said...

A commom group, nothing special. certain songs begins well, with strange and amazing sounds, so, a hard-psych rock with non personality rules... A group to be forgot.

greazyspoon said...

alex b is boring man, soon forgotten. I invite alex b to swim under ice of Po River in Januar. I meet you other side.

Bear mountains band is very good band,compared to crap modern music of today. I am liking nasty guitars and keyboards sounds, very heavy! I am also liking songs like "Crotch Crickets", very good with deep lyrics and catchy hooks. "Bagdad boogie" not so good, is sucks. OVerall very good album, you should try, don't listen to alex b, he is mucous spot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a surprise. I partied with this band in Prescott, Az for an entire summer. Frank the drummer was the bomb. We partied in an old warehouse near the RR Tracks, and had a night of shooting water balloons at cars with a giant slingshot.
What memories.
Glad to see the band is still around after all this time.

radule_covic said...

Fantastic music. Very good band.

spunkie said...

The world needs more bands like this