Wabash Resurrection - Get It Off! (1975)

"A lone album from a band about which virtually nothing is known, other than this power trio effort, which appeared on the Pepperhead label (76294) circa 1974 was privately pressed in extremely small quantities. Probably, given the Wabash connection, the band hailed from Illinois or thereabouts, and it is fair to conclude that the three members learned their craft (and certainly perfected their sound) by listening to Led Zeppelin albums, as the legendary band's influence, augmented by a touch of Lynyrd Skynyrd and possibly a smidgen of Johnny Winter, is lurking around every musical corner of this album. Their singular approach to couture also suggests that the lads spent a lot more time listening to Led Zep records than thumbing the pages of Vogue, and it is not inconceivable that the album's title derives from critical comments on the band's lack of sartorial elegance."

acid archives:

"Apparently they sound like Led Zeppelin, but I just can’t hear that. It’s probably been repeated once someone had written it, and it became "true”. At their best Wabash Resurrection sound like a garage Lynyrd Skynyrd after a heavy night with Crazy Horse. The best tracks are definitive shit-kicking-rural-mullet-toting pick-up-truck-drivin’ rawk. Naturally they look the part on the cover. Launches with “Pigsty Blues” which seems to be about “keeping yer sheeet good and your feet flat on the ground”, essential for one’s health and well being don’t you know. The second track, “A Soldier’s Lament” is perhaps the best, and could be straight off the Rayne LP, thudding drumming and really groovy Crazy Horse style guitar with perfectly subdued, downer vocals. On the amazing “In Heat” they really nail it on the head with the lines: “I dig those Rhythm and Blues/Don’t try to tell me ‘bout no astral projections/I got horse shit on my shoes". You can just picture the lead singer in his cowboy hat peering skeptically at the hippie chick as she warbles on about the Age of Aquarius. Very worthwhile reissue, and even if you’re not a fan of the genre it’ll make you laugh." (buy it)

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Wabash Resurrection - In Heat


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