Kubero Diaz y La Pesada (Argentina 1973)

This superb guitar player was of course a member of the extraordinary La Cofradía de la Flor Solar and La Pesada.

As almost all of La Pesada’s members did, he recorded an excellent solo album in 1973 featuring Claudio Gabis on rhythm guitar, Alejandro Medina on bass, Jorge Pinchevsky on violin, Isa Portugheis on drums and Billy Bond on the mixing console, production and vocals. The fold out glossy cover included a beautiful drawing by Kubero.

The first track, "Todo es Rock", is an intense cut sung by Medina with the brilliant guitar reminiscent of the sound of La Cofradía de la Flor Solar. Next comes the piano and sound effects of "Spirtrepus" and "Polvo he de sacudir" with a variety of guitar sounds. "Una manera de llegar" is sung as a duo with Miguel Cantilo. (via The Magic Land)

Reissue of the only album (Music Hall, 1973) by superb guitarist Diaz and the rest of the members of La Cofradia de la Flor Solar; really psychotic stuff: heavy grunge riffs, ripping fuzzed leads and emotional approach to all the songs; extremely rare album features Argentine legends Billy Bond on vocals, Claudio Gabis on guitar, Alejandro Medina on bass, and Jorge Pinchevsky on violin; has three bonus tracks from La Cofradia, two are from their album, but the last one, La Palida Ciudad, from 1972, is previously unavailable on compact disc. (via Rockadrome)


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Kubero Diaz y La Pesada - Todo es Rock


Crotchbat said...

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Magas said...

What an incredible album! Tough riffs delivered with sensitivity & soul. "Colgado De Las Nubes" gets insane near the end with the boogie spillage.

Everything La Pesada seems golden! Thanks so much for opening this world.