Odmenn (Iceland 1970)

"Odmenn's only album. Super fine trio from the early seventies. Odmenn played cool rock that recall Cream a bit, but is very original. Released as a double-album. Recommended."

"Double LP by Icelandic band from the 70's, recorded in Copenhagen, which ranks along with Junipher Green's 'Friendship' or Burning Red Ivanhoe's 'M144'." (buy it)


alt. link

Odmenn - Eg Vil Pig


Crotchbat said...

mirror: http://sharebee.com/8ffc8796

Crotchbat said...

anyone have more info on this band?

mars said...

OW! That solo break sealed the deal for me. I love that noisy acid rock!!

marc said...

this is great stuff, i really, really like it...but, when I downloaded it, it had 10 songs while I thought this LP has 15 songs? Did sth go wrong? Is it possible to put up the remaining 5 songs?
thanks, and thanks for this blog