Third Power - Believe (1970)


"Hailing from Detroit City, hard rockers Third Power were led by singer/guitarist Drew Abbott (later to become a longtime member of Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band), along with bassist Jem Targal and drummer Jim Craig. Third Power formed in 1969 and quickly emerged as a favorite on the local club circuit thanks to the band's hard rock, bone-rattling sound and their influence from such three-person bands as Cream or the Jimi Hendrix Experience. In 1970 the album Believe was recorded for the Vanguard label but it was deemed too heavy for the label's direction and lacked the support that could have made it more of a hit. This decision by Vanguard to drop the band from their roster almost immediately after the album's release made it an instant collectable."


"Drew Abbott has seen the highs and lows of the music industry. He came onto the emerging Detroit music scene in 1967 with his band Third Power. The group released one album, “Believe,” in 1969 on the Vanguard Label. But label executives thought the album was too heavy, never gave it any promotional support and dropped the band literally days after the album was released.
In the early ‘70s Abbott performed as an opener with various Motown session bands. Having been managed by Punch Andrews, Abbott knew Seger; in fact, Third Power had often opened for Seger. In 1972 when Seger decided he wanted to give up guitar playing responsibilities, Abbott was asked to join Seger’s band. When Punch and Seger decided to create a new image for Seger by starting the Silver Bullet Band in 1974, Abbott was the only member asked to stay on. (buy it)


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Third Power - Gettin' Together

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