Abramis Brama - Rubicon (Sweden 2004)


"The Swedish band Abramis Brama have both won and lost a lot of potential fans by being one of the few heavy bands from the country to utilize Swedish lyrics. It takes courage to do what they have done but it has paid off in the end as they have both secured record contracts and last year they found themselves being one of the bands appearing at the well-known Sweden Rock Festival outside Sölvesborg in the south of Sweden. "Rubicon" is the band's first album in Swedish since 2001 as they released an "experimental" English album "Nothing Changes" in 2003. The band has stayed true to the past throughout their entire career and they still owe a lot of their sound to the early Black Sabbath releases. Simple yet heavy and groovy riffs á la Tony Iommi is what builds the basis of the Abramis Brama sound. The only difference this time might be that there is a little bit more of everything and it is a slightly more varied album than their previous ones. I don't think the band will ever be able to top their debut "Dansa Tokjävelns Vals" but as usual they have composed quality music that will surely please all fans and everyone else who want to take a trip back to the 70s and experience an interesting sonic journey." (buy it)


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Abramis Brama - Vad finns kvar för dig?


arbary said...

hi there,happy new year from greece,thanks for the great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Rock music på svenska. Det här är ju helt grymt.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of ya postin' their only English cd "Nothing Changes"?

Killer band, killer blog!