Various - Andergraun Vibrations Vol. 1

Andergraun Vibrations! documents the unknown Spanish underground psychedelic and progressive scene from the early seventies. We' ve culled the private collections of some of the more rabid Spanish crazy collectors and we are proud to present 11 tracks taken from super rare 45s, some of them originally released as private / tiny pressings with only a couple of copies actually known. But don't panic, this is not boring R&B, scratched acetates or lame garage-beat cover versions. Here you'll find wild garage psychedelia and proto-prog sounds, full of crazy Spanish and English vocals, swirling Hammond organs, loud drums, fuzz & wah guitars, proggy flutes and more. Listen to the wild psychedelic hard-rock of Modificacion and gypsy band Madera De Ciprés with the only known copy of their monster 45; underground acid garage psychedelia from pre-Mezquita band Expresion (the most sought after single right now in Spain); mysterious band Shock! with a demented fuzz punker; proto-freakbeat flamenco psych by Andalusian band Galaxia; Can/Soft Machine styled avant krautrock psych from pre-Cerebrum band Ibiza Sound; fuzzed out insanity by Xetxu; studio psychploitation prog mayhem by All & Nothing; The Matches with one five minute long track full of fuzz organ & guitar taken from a super rare private pressing 45; haunting prog-psych by pre-Granada Skorpis and cool organ dominated garage-psych by Unidades.


Expresion - La Luz Del Fin Del Mundo

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