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Fire - Could You Understand Me (Yugoslavia 1973)

GL Productions:

"A very impressive exotic back to basic heavyrock album from this Yugoslavian powerhouse trio. Originally released in 1973 in a limited edition I think. I dont think this Lp reached any fame when its first came out but as the years have passed by have this album turned out to be a underground fave among the European hardcore 70s heavyrock vinyl collectors. Could You Understand Me was the only piece of vinyl that Fire made, after I got the Lp a number of years back I tried to locate if they made anything else but nothing turned up, no singles or followups. I have tried also to locate some Fire background but I have found no info at all where they formed, livefollowing and where the members went after the release of this Lp. Fire went to Holland to record since there wasnt any decent studios in their homestate, the recordings from september 1973 are made by Joeps Van Hees and Jan Theelen, still active studioworkers nowdays. Could You Understand Me is a dynamic album, a typical powertrio album in the same vein as Hendrix, Cream, Jeff Beck Group, Budgie etc. bluesbased heavy with frontman Jura Havidic killer fuzzed out guitarwork and smoking vocals on top. The material is shifting from stompers like the titletrack and Jedan Divan Dan (a wonderful day) mellow charming blues stuff like Memory Of You, the psyched out heavytrip Hey You to the fuzzed out instrumental Flames, some examples what this album are offering. Definitely the heaviest band ever to come out of Yugoslavia."


"Maximum (kinda rhymes with 'Eruptum') fuzz and flailing drums hammered into shape by three hairy gents from Yugoslavia displaced to The Netherlands, first issued on the private Killroy label in 1973. Legend, rumor and speculation surrounds many of the recording details -- were they itinerant mineworkers hoping to blow off some steam, or maybe they just couldn't find a decent recording studio in their homeland? And what twisted tale does the cover art depict, so inflammatory the LP was supposedly banned upon original release? There is no mystery, however, about the trio's raw power or surprising command of the English language -- prepare to bleed!" (buy it)


Fire - Where Are You

Red Dirt (1970)

"CD reissue of this monstrously rare album from 1970. Grinding guitars, rasping vocals and a harsh blend of slag-heap rock & basement blues material make this a strong contender for one of the most uncouth recordings ever made! To add insult to injury we've added 4 equally nasty live bonus tracks!"

"This comprehensive package includes the whole of this UK bands only official album plus the long deleted "Diamonds in The Dirt" release. Killer early '70s heavy progressive blues rock that goes for ridiculous sums as an original..." (buy it)


Red Dirt - Death Letter


zafreth said...

can you please upload this? thanks

Crotchbat said...

Fire - Could You Understand Me (Yugoslavia 1973)


Crotchbat said...

Red Dirt (1970)


jim said...

from what i remember, Joeps van Hees,was also their "producer" try checking out the stones tours from that era, ?was it goatshead soup?? they might have acted as a support act for one or two concerts in belgium or netherlands.and possibly performed in local festival joeps was involved with. unfortunately joeps is no longer with us to ask