Apollo (Finland 1970)


"The short-lived, Led Zeppelin-inspired "super band" of Harri Saksala (vocals, accordion, harmonica), Eero Lupari (guitar), Heimo Holopainen (bass) (all three formerly of the popular band Topmost) and Edward Vesala (drums, percussion), formed in 1969, left behind them one full-length album (May 1970), re-released on CD by Warner Finland in 2002. More than Zeppelin, the album's music takes place somewhere between the later psychedelia and early progressive rock. The lyrics by Saksala and Lupari consist of some very poetic and gloomy material, with great orchestrations assisted by such people as Seppo "Paroni" Paakkunainen and the talented Vesala (who died in 1999), one of the biggest Finnish jazz legends. The track 'Pakoon maailmaa' ("Away From The World") makes one even think of Beach Boys' productions at their most twisted."


"An excellent Dark and heavy progressive band from Finland. Featuring Harri Saksala, Eero Lupari, Heimo Holopainen (all three formerly of the popular band Topmost) this is an official re-issue of the bands only album which was originally released on Warners in 1970. Harri Saksala later formed the supergroup KALEVALA . Well sought after in the collectors market it's a record of excellent late '60's heavy progressive similar to UK bands and somewhere between Human Beast and Cressida." (buy it)


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Apollo - Ajatuksia

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