Lucifer (1970)

"Originally released in 1970 on the tiny Gallo Records. This very rare album was the work of a Rochester, New York based band with schizoid tendencies to dark seedy hard rock with fuzz/organ moves & soulful vocals & deep lounge moods. For fans of Grand Funk Railroad."

"Heavy rock pounder with vocal harmonies. Sometimes compared to Grand Funk Railroad but actually more of a typical Eastcoast post-Fudge outing."

"A great reissue from Akarma Records from this 1970 hard rockin’ NY band, originally limited to a 100 record pressing on Gallo Records. Heavy pounding late-60’s rawk with killer vocal harmonies and a psych edge that are sometime reminiscent of Vanilla Fudge, Grand Funk Railroad and Iron Butterfly."

"Reissue of rare ($1500!) and heavy garage rock from 1970 by this New York band. Sounding at times like early Grand Funk Railroad and Iron Butterfly it's a storming album with strong guitar work, and tight vocal harmonies. At times the pace is more laid back such as during the excellent version of "Get Together". Overall high quality late '60's rock with a psych edge and all the right guitar moves!" (buy it)


Lucifer - Crabby Day


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I din't know this album. Thank you for opening my mind my great gems. Thanks again.

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