El Cuy - Demo (2006)

Marcos Pesado: (via StonerRock.com)

"This, by the way, is from a (hopefully soon!) forthcoming record by El Cuy, in unmastered, pre-mix "demo" form. Much better sound to be pulled outta' that yet, I think. I think I'm happy with the results. We recorded this bitch over a year ago, and work and other projects wouldn't let us get on with it and finish it.

Reino Ermitaño is alive and well, and still with Tania on vocals, we're currently working on our third. Only thing that broke was the drummer's shoulder... we were having a bit of an issue while I was in Holland, but all things are mended and looking up now. This is from my other band, El Cuy, with Mazo's guitarrist and my good friend Pepe on drums and myself on bass and (most) vocals, it's a parallel project. More on the psych/garage/rock'nroll side."


El Cuy - Iraqui

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