Psiglo - Ideacion & II (1973-74)

Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares:

"A progressive hard-rock Uruguayan band whose album was well-produced. Musically, it was dominated by strong keyboards and incisive guitar. Highlights of the first album were Siénteme, En Un Lugar Un Niño and Vuela a Mi Galaxia.

Their single, which included a non-album 'A' side, released after the military coup of 1973, attracted less attention. Guitarist Luis Cesio left after this and a second album was recorded as a four-piece with Rechac covering guitar. This remained unreleased until 1977, by which time the band were in exile in Spain.

Gonzalo Farrugia was later in Crucis, a late seventies Argentine band, and Jorge Garcia enjoyed a solo career in Spain."



"A band from Uraguay including the future drummer of Crucis and future members of Asfalto. The first album, Ideación, (73) sounds rather raw and immature. The first half is hardly prog, but rather heavier bluesy rock like The Free, Humble Pie, etc, and some folky tracks with a more South American influence. Vocals are a bit like Uriah Heep. The first tracks are mediocre even from a classic rock viewpoint. The more proggy tracks appear later on: the instrumental "Nuestra Calma", with some nice keyboards, and "Piensa y Lucha", which sounds a bit like a less aggressive Deep Purple. "Piensa y Lucha" includes a short drum solo as well.

The second album (74) is much better than Ideación. They start out rocky again, already this time more in the style of Asfalto. Then two rather mid-tempo, folky songs follow showing their South American influences. On the last three tracks, the songs stretch to 7, 9, and 12 minutes. The 7 minute track, "No Tiene Razon de Ser", reminds me of early 70s UK bands like Gracious (organ but no mellotron). The next track is pretty similar with a lot of organ, flute, and guitar soloing. Good track. The last track "Gil 1038" is their best IMO. Great, somewhat weird opening with organ and strange vocals (a bit like the opening on Minorisa by Fusioon). A spacey part with solos for guitar and organ follows. The track goes through various mood changes (spacey, folky, jazzy sax solo, etc.) Excellent track. The quality of the compositions improves steadily on this album, almost track by track, so by the end they sound very promising. There is a 6 minute bonus track, very spacey and similar in style to the last three tracks of the album proper. Interesting lyrics with social/political comments as well, though the dull and muffled sound quality could be better. Unfortunately they broke up after this album (probably because they were censored to silence in their "home markets" Argentina and Uruguay, as the CD booklet suggests)." (buy it)


Psiglo - Cambiaras al Hombre


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